1.    How do I make a cleaning appointment?

Simply click the 'Book Now' link and fill out the form. Our customer service will send you an email the same business day confirming the reservation. You can also call (925)788-6565to book your cleaning service.


2.   Are you a pet friendly service?

We love animals as much as you do! Our teams are familiar with the proper treatment of dogs, cats and other pets. We also use non-toxic, eco-friendly products so your pets are safe on any surface we clean.


3.    Do I need a deep clean?

We highly recommend a Deep Clean for first-time customers or customers who haven't had a professional clean in the last few months. You can find more information about our Deep Clean on our services page.


4.   Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

No, you do not! It's completely your choice whether you would like to be home during your appointment. If you prefer, you can just leave a key and we'll take care of everything!


5.   Who supplies the cleaning products?

Gold House Cleaning provides professional cleaners with environmentally safe cleaning products.


6.   How many hours is a typical cleaning service?

There is no set amount of time - it all depends on the current condition of your home. Approximation, take the number of bedrooms in your home and make that into hours (2 bedrooms = 2 hours).


7.   I’ve never had a cleaning before, will there be extra costs?

While we make every effort to keep all homes within our flat-rate pricing; homes that are extra dirty or larger than normal for the given number of bedrooms and bathrooms may incur additional charges over the flat-rate fee.


8.   Do you offer a guarantee?

We stand behind our service. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us within 48 hours so we can re-evaluate and re-clean. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Please note that no refunds will be offered without allowing us a chance to re-clean.


9.   When is payment expected?

When the house cleaning is complete you may pay with a check or credit card. If you sign up for recurring service, you will be automatically billed after each cleaning is complete.


10.  We have additional services.  For those weekend visits and vacation rentals.

We will prep for each visit. Adjust the thermostat for air or heat accordingly. Stock the refrigerator and/or pantry with the basics. Set up the deck with existing chairs and cushions, blow the decks and brush away the cobwebs.


11.   Do you have hourly services?

In some instances it may make sense to do an hourly service. We have a minimum of 2 hours for 1 person. This is generally reserved for additional services or homes where we are only doing a couple of rooms.