“...such a treat”

The Gold team were able to provide additional services for us too!  They manage our window washing and carpet and floor cleaning.  It is such a treat to come home to such a professionally done job.

— Cheryl

“Weekly Services."

Wow--I never thought it could be o good! I am driving down the hill for work, managing kids, cats and dogs.  My husband is also working a distance.  No longer is the weekend all chores as we have been blessed with housekeeping help as contract for weekly services.  Thank you Gold Team.

— Toni

“It is our retreat but also used as a vacation rental. The Gold Team takes care of the cleaning before and after rental use. We wish they were in the Bay Area to manage our home.  What they do best is provide us great service and peace of mind."

— Arnie


“We feel so lucky!”

Our weekend home is in Lake Wildwood.  The Gold team warms up our home when its cold, opens it up when its warm and has it clean and ready for us and often our weekend visitors.  We feel so lucky to have found this service.

— Betsy

“...able to enjoy more downtime!

I hated spending the day after house guests had left doing the laundry from our weekend of fun.  We have been able to enjoy more of our downtime playing while we have this awesome local team take care of our home while we head back to work.

— Mark


“Reasonable and Efficient!

Plain and simple, it isn't easy for me to keep up with my home.  I wanted to find weekly help that was reasonable and efficient.  Sounds silly, but this is an answer to prayer.

— Pearl

“So Grateful!”

I am so grateful for my neighbor recommending Gold House Cleaning to me.  As we have gotten older managing our housekeeping has become a bit more than we could do.  Now, my husband and I have help to do what we can't.

— Beth